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    Don’t miss this podcast as Gerri and Eugenia along with guest presenter Jo Shrapnel discuss the era of The Sixth Doctor Who. What did you think about Colin Baker’s Doctor? What do Gerri, Eugenia and Jo have to say and have their opinions have changed over time? Gerri and Eugenia have the pleasure to talk with the witty, wonderful Sixth Doctor himself, Colin Baker about his career and all things ‘Who’. You can follow Colin Baker on Twitter, and read his blog at . Their thanks go to Gifts for the Geek for the opportunity to spend time with Colin.

  2. Podcast 41

    In this podcast Gerri and Eugenia have a conversation with someone special to them! John Leeson the voice of K9 and the Doctor’s longest running companion. K9 has worked with more incarnations of the Doctor than any other companion has! John Leeson played the voice of K9 for most of the last 25 years and in this podcast we get to listen to some of his most memorable moments from the set of the show, his career in the arts and his passion for food and wine. Their thanks go to Gifts for the Geek for this wonderful interview.

  3. Podcast 85

    Welcome back to the series of many Doctor Who podcasts in this fiftieth year of Doctor Who. Gerri and Eugenia have another Doctor Who icon for you! That is Jamie McCrimmon, the man with the legs, who knows how to climb up stairs with the utmost decorum in his kilt. Frazer Hines, some could say one of the cutest of the male companions from the Patrick Troughton, (Doctor Who Number Two) era! Frazer is not only a man that knows how to be taken out of the year 1746 and take on the challenge of working in a futuristic time machine but pursues interests in horse racing and record producing and his stint in the long running TV show series Emmerdale Farm. This man of many talents talks about his life, acting and of course his favourite the English Game of Cricket, check out his website at Gerri and Eugenia would like to thank Darren and Jason from Gifts for the Geek for the interview.

  4. Podcast 15

    Gerri and Eugenia are avid Doctor Who fans and have been for many a year. Consequently they have witnessed a few of the regenerations of the various Doctors over the years.  In this podcast Gerri and Eugenia discuss their reactions about the many faces of the Doctor.  Which Doctors mean the most to them and which of the "faces" did they like the best.  Also in this podcast listen to Scott Liston, from First Contact Conventions who is not only a Fanboy but has brought some of the more prominent Sci Fi actors to Australia. Check out his website at

  5. Podcast 74

    Sometimes, yes we all do it, search the internet just to see what is interesting and Eugenia and Gerri are no different from anyone else and they came across a wonderful audio drama called The Minister of Chance. In 2001 the BBC produced a webcast called Death Comes to Time, a Seventh Doctor Story another Timelord "The Minister of Chance", meets up with the Doctor and takes his place in helping to resolve a conflict and so it goes on! Dan Freedman director of Death Comes to time and writer and director of The Minister of Chance has produced what only can be called a "Sonic Movie" with many cinematic features. Eugenia and Gerri could go on and on about this series but it is easier to download it yourself at Minister of Chance or on ITunes and by the way it’s FREE! In this episode Eugenia and Gerri have for you not one, not two, but three cast members, Sylvester McCoy (the Seventh Doctor), Paul McGann (the Eighth Doctor) and Jed Brophy (dwarf Noki from the Hobbit). Yes Two Doctors and Jed dwarf and elf in the Lord of the Rings too!  They wish to thank Armageddon Culture Shock Events and Oz Comic Con for the interviews. Image composite by Gerri, Lee Sullivan and Ian Nolan.

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Podcast 20

And The Doctor Will See You Now

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Submitted by Eugenia on April 13, 2010 at 23:17 pm

Eugenia and Gerri are celebrating not only their one-year anniversary in this episode but also hitting the twenties!  To celebrate their birthday and the new Season of Doctor Who (a definite favourite of the pair) they talk about the new Doctor Who, Matt Smith and review the new series so far, but have they a special treat for all Doctor Who fans? They got to interview  Paul McGann the 8th Doctor recently at First Contact Conventions, Melbourne Triocon, thanks Scotty!  Paul although only in a movie length episode is one of Big Finishes’ best loved audio Doctors complete with his own series of adventures.  So sit back relax and listen to the wonderful voice of Paul McGann and be inspired to head on over to the Big Finish site and grab a few episodes.  Gerri and Eugenia also mention all the people that have helped them get to a year in podcasting! Amazing who would have thought that they would have this much fun in just a year!

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    Thanks for the podcast I am passionate about sci fi. I have looked for podcsts of this caliber for agess. Your work is greatly appreciated.
  2. Pet Friday, 16 April 2010

    Wow great podcast and really nice interview with Paul McGann.

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