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    Join Gerri and Eugenia as they reminisce about Doctor Who's fifth reincarnation Peter Davison and his various companions. Somebody has been eating their apples though. We don't have a Doctor to interview but we do have a companion. Listen to the very funny, and very intelligent, Mark Strickson as he talks about his career.

  2. Podcast 40

    In this podcast Eugenia and Gerri are joined by Jeff one of the presenters from the Goodies Podcast and his good friend Michael.  They attended the Gallifrey One’s Catch 22 Inlands of Mystery Doctor Who Convention in Los Angeles. The conventions have been running for 20 years and always boast a large line up of Doctor Who guests.  Now is your chance to hear firsthand what it is like to attend such a big event and even hear from some of the guests they met during the Con.

  3. Podcast 57

    Don’t miss this podcast as Gerri and Eugenia along with guest presenter Jo Shrapnel discuss the era of The Sixth Doctor Who. What did you think about Colin Baker’s Doctor? What do Gerri, Eugenia and Jo have to say and have their opinions have changed over time? Gerri and Eugenia have the pleasure to talk with the witty, wonderful Sixth Doctor himself, Colin Baker about his career and all things ‘Who’. You can follow Colin Baker on Twitter, and read his blog at . Their thanks go to Gifts for the Geek for the opportunity to spend time with Colin.

  4. Podcast 84

    In this fiftieth year of Doctor Who what do Eugenia and Gerri have for you? On the 23 Nov 2013 Doctor Who turns fifty and they are celebrating this with a special series of Doctor Who episodes. In this first episode in a series of many, they have something special they have an interview with a Doctor, the fifth Doctor of this fiftieth year television iconic show? Who happens to be Gerri’s favourite Doctor, the youngest, the handsomest and very talented Peter Davison (well she thinks so)! Peter took up the mantle of the Doctor in 1981, 32 years ago. During Peter’s tenure as the Doctor the TARDIS was a bit crowded as he had more companions that anyone else and even had one of them trying to kill him! At the time of the interview Peter was looking at doing his own fiftieth year Doctor Who Celebration documentary of his own so keep an eye out. They would like to thank Sandy and Rob from Culture Shock Events for the opportunity to interview Peter and hope that enjoy the podcast.

  5. Podcast 16

    In this podcast Eugenia and Gerri give you something a little different! Eugenia is an avid yes avid Dr Who fan and well although Gerri loves it too, she was not lucky enough to get to go to the convention that starred the fifth Doctor, even though he is Gerri’s favourite and yes you might hear the odd sob from her in this podcast. What you will hear is Peter at a convention where he is asked the questions that fans want to know!

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Podcast 20

And The Doctor Will See You Now

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Submitted by Eugenia on April 13, 2010 at 23:17 pm

Eugenia and Gerri are celebrating not only their one-year anniversary in this episode but also hitting the twenties!  To celebrate their birthday and the new Season of Doctor Who (a definite favourite of the pair) they talk about the new Doctor Who, Matt Smith and review the new series so far, but have they a special treat for all Doctor Who fans? They got to interview  Paul McGann the 8th Doctor recently at First Contact Conventions, Melbourne Triocon, thanks Scotty!  Paul although only in a movie length episode is one of Big Finishes’ best loved audio Doctors complete with his own series of adventures.  So sit back relax and listen to the wonderful voice of Paul McGann and be inspired to head on over to the Big Finish site and grab a few episodes.  Gerri and Eugenia also mention all the people that have helped them get to a year in podcasting! Amazing who would have thought that they would have this much fun in just a year!

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  1. aspergers syndromes symptoms Wednesday, 19 January 2011

    Thanks for the podcast I am passionate about sci fi. I have looked for podcsts of this caliber for agess. Your work is greatly appreciated.
  2. Pet Friday, 16 April 2010

    Wow great podcast and really nice interview with Paul McGann.

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